Mediation can be used to resolve almost any issue. Even yours!

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a collaborative process for resolving disputes. Any parties in conflict or having any kind of dispute can avoid large legal costs and possible years of anger and frustration by being assisted by a neutral third party (the mediator) in finding mutually agreeable solutions.  Why face the mental and financial burden of prolonging a dispute when you can get an expert trained in resolving conflict to help you bring an end to your frustration.

Get it off Your Chest

Wayne Hippo has been working as a mediator with the Blair County Courts for over 15 years.  He routinely participates and conducts mediations on a regular basis and is very experienced in creating a comfortable and confidential environment for you to talk about issues and comfortably deal with all other parties in even the most hostile of disputes. Wayne can successfully help you outline and understand these issues, keep your conversations moving forward, and to help everyone brainstorm possible solutions.

The parties are encouraged to work together to develop lasting solutions that satisfy everyone involved, which means you have control over the outcome of your situation.

Some common issues that frequently can be resolved with the use of mediation are:

  • Lawsuits (from the routine to the most complex)
  • Employment Disputes
    • Wrongful Termination
    • Disputes between Co-employees or Supervisor / Employee
    • Allegations of Discrimination or Sexual Harassment
  • Landlord/ Tenant Issues
  • Contract Disputes
  • Neighborhood/ HOA/ Roommate Disagreements

How It Works


After all parties agree to the mediation, brief individual phone interviews are conducted to determine the parties’ issues and availability. This information will be used to provide background information to the mediator before the first session.


All mediation session scheduling will take into account each party’s availability, as well as that of the mediator. Once a mediation session has been scheduled, both parties will receive an email confirming the date, time, and location of the mediation session.

Mediation Session

During the first session each party will have the opportunity to discuss their issues and point of view without interruption. The mediator will help the parties identify all of the issue that need to be discussed and brainstorm possible solutions. Mediators will keep the sessions non-confrontational and structured, which allows parties to participate in good faith and focus on reaching mutually agreeable outcomes.


If both parties are in agreement, the mediator will draft a provisional agreement, which parties may wish to have reviewed by legal counsel. When everyone is satisfied with the terms, parties will sign the agreement, which then can function like a contract.