Business Planning, Management, and Succession

It can be quite overwhelming starting a business due to the many complex decisions that an owner must make, beginning with the type of entity. We counsel business owners on establishing their business, managing their operations, and insuring the transfer of their business to future generations of family or key employees.

Business owners and managers may have a tough time navigating through today’s ever-changing legal landscape. As businesses expand and grow, owners’ responsibilities and obligations change and grow as well. We offer support and training for our business clients as they face new challenges and opportunities to help them succeed.

Commercial Real Estate

Our experienced lawyers assist and represent clients in all phases of commercial real estate transactions, including negotiations, execution of agreements for sale, and closings.

Annual Meetings

Although some companies just go through the motions, an annual corporate meeting is a great way to sit down together away from the office and perform a check-up of their company’s structure, operation, and well-being.

Our firm hosts annual meetings and assists businesses in updating and maintaining corporate records.